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How to make water? Help please =)
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RE: How to make water? Help please =)

(04-04-2011, 10:10 PM)Simpanra Wrote: So yeah, as my long thought out and toiled voer title proclaims, i have no idea how to make water areas in Amnesia =3 i haven't found any tutorials on how to make it and i have looked but can't find it =/ I know you can because i have seen maps use it before, also...if you could explain to me how to then infest that water with lurkers, i would be very happy =D

Cheers Guys,
Apologies for any and all noobishness this thread contains,

I'll assume you know how to make a Primitive Plane, make one ABOVE your floor, about 0.75 higher, then browse for a different material. Click the ... next to the name of your current plane material.

Next browse to the Amnesia the dark descent root folder. From there goto textures\water

Here are all the water textures. Select your texture. To make it look better, click the tab called Plane once you have your Primitive laid and set the tile amount to 0.1, 1.0, 0.1.

After that, you'd make an Area, the Area Type being Liquid, place it at the same height as your water texture and make it as deep as your floor.

As for water lurkers, they're an Entity, under Enemies, just as the grunts and brutes.
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