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Penumbra overall storyline and a few questions?
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RE: Penumbra overall storyline and a few questions?

(04-10-2011, 04:40 PM)TheAlluringDarkness13 Wrote: I try to answer your questions as good as I can (sorry my english).
1.Red was a guy who worked in the mine (his actual name was Tom Redwood)
2.I think Philip had sent the message to "us" but I´m not sure
3.I haven´t played Requiem so I don´t know anything about that
And the artifacts (do you mean the save points?) were things that were in the Tuurngait-Tomb and helped the virus to grow.This is what I understood.
I hope you have understood what I wrote and that it helped you a little.

Thank you, that helped a little, I understand the artifact's in the first two games were tuuringait things helping to spread the virus, but what I don't understand is in requiem there is some other kind of artifact (i think) and you need to have them all to get the good ending of requiem.(supposedly)
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