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Games with Good AI?
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RE: Games with Good AI?

(05-20-2011, 06:34 AM)laser50 Wrote:
(05-20-2011, 12:00 AM)evertuy Wrote: company of heroes, the ai is pretty hard even on easy (maybe cause it is an RTS)

I recommend this game to everyone here, I got all the 3 games. the AI is smart enough to get into cover himself, And they can actually aim.

My dad and I play Company of Heroes nearly every night of every weekend, we love it! The AI is pretty good, we can usually beat 2 "experts". The AI is pretty good, but nothing all that special. The British AI will sometimes run its trucks right up to the front lines to be blasted away. Also, I was quite annoyed to find out that an "expert" computer is just a "hard" computer that gets double manpower, ammo, fuel, and population. On some of the bigger maps, there just isn't much chance of defending yourself against "the swarm" of infantry that results.

Regardless... try out company of heroes, it's a great game!
(05-20-2011, 07:03 AM)Xanatos Wrote: Ghost Recon (the first one) has the best friendly AI I've ever seen. They always do what they're told and are actually capable of self-preservation. Obviously they're not bulletproof and are just as vulnerable as the player - it is a realistic FPS, after all.
Unlike the newer GRAW 2 where your sniper has to go through 2 magazines to hit a target across the street and your team think it's a good idea to go prone in the middle of the road right in front of a Browning M2.

Crysis had some pretty clever AI too, although with your nanosuit powers it was hard to notice.

I like the AI in crysis 1. It was fun to screw around with them. Make some noise here... cloak... run over there... watch them all run past you... throw a grenade at the gas barrel they're crowding around... hehehehe Tongue

Yea it's not that difficult with all of your nanosuit powers, but just what IS good AI? Personally, I think "good AI" and "challenging AI" are NOT the same thing. I think the quality of the AI should be measured by how life-like it is. It's easy to make hard AI... just give them 100% accuracy and make them jump a lot... but is that "good" AI?
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