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I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!
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RE: I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!

(05-29-2011, 06:38 PM)Googolplex Wrote: If a great story, great puzzles and real horror is nothing for you, then Penumbra is boring.
You should play FEAR or DOOM to find your fun.
Penumbra is not a game for fun, it's a game that immerse the player in a helpless person and experience a world of horror.

No other game has horror like Penumbra & Amnesia.
You should know that.
I guess you didn't read my previous post or you would've seen i qualified Penumbra as the best horror ever. I've played Amnesia 5 minutes i don't know i'll be able to really play it for long as i couldn't stand it...

Great story, great puzzles and real horror, Overture has all that, Black Plague doesn't, sorry. I just came and said what i think, cause i always read people saying BP was better BUT NOW i read more people here and see many think just like me. That's it!

As said, i'll try to continue BP but i know it won't do for me. I somehow saw some of the things that will happen later (in video) and it's too much sci-fi (the genre i hate) look alike. Maybe those infected "alien style" are the biggest problem to me then. Anyway i made a break and installed Tech Demo but it crashes all the time when i pause. Weird.
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