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I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!
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RE: I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!

@gandalf91: Well there's nothing (more) to explain i think, we just have different taste... When i had to hide at 1st infected meeting, i felt quite scary until i see that thing lol, seriously they're so ridiculous, the voice feels cheap too (i know it's low budget game, still) and they're so slow blabla, already said that.

How could i be scared in front of such thing, so easy to run away from? I feel so bad for the poor thing that i almost want it to let me kill myself haha... Just compare them to the dogs, and also their music theme (dog around"!) i feel the Overture OST to be totally superior to the BP OST too, i listen to the Theme all the time... You could think it's cause i played Overture first, but no. Glad i did! If i played BP first, i'm afraid i would maybe didn't even the other episode!
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