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I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!
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RE: I'm finding Black Plague somehow... Boring!!

(05-30-2011, 07:18 PM)Googolplex Wrote: @Goja

Oh yes, Overture was much better than Black Plague.
Because Black Plague is not full of puzzles like Overture and Clarence is talking crazy all the time. The game is more mental and in minds as in reality.
It is only a corpse game with infected pursuit.
Not more full of ideas like Overture.

The infected looks like aliens and this is very worse!
But they are really scary! And in this time, I know, that they are not aliens.

Black Plague is scary and has an eerie and dirty atmosphere, but I love a game with more puzzles and therefore, Overture was the best.
Better than Amnesia, too.

In Overture are the most ideas and you can find out most things.
Amnesia was too "empty" and "easy". Black Plague was too "unreal" and have a story in psyche.

Reading your post, was you drunk when you wrote it? I mean you tell that Overture is better than Black Plague and then somehow proceed to praise how Black Plague is better than Overture.

Then again what I gather, that you think that Overture is better because of puzzle elements even if it is less like horror game than Black Plague.
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