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I'm back on track and needing help
ObsidianLegion Offline

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I'm back on track and needing help

First of all, thanks to those that have helped me regain my enthusiasm.

rybray, Juby & Obliviator27 - You guys are awesome! Cool

Now, to the point:

Realising that minecraft isn't as rewarding as making a custom...I return back to my work.

When I do that, I see that I'm stuck with a script problem.

Blowing up a barrier.

I know the basics of what I need to do. Something like:
-Get a combine callback to mix two chemicals
-Use animations for putting the mixture down. (Like in the original storage level)
-Timer for explosion and adding the discreet sizzling noise the potion makes when it's about to blow up :3
-Make the barrier disappear to smoke and make the broken barrier appear as a realistic replacement.

I know how to:
-Get the combine callback
-Making timers
-Making the barrier disappear, but not to smoke. And not to a big BOOM!
-Making the broken barrier appear for a realistic replacement.

I want to know:
-How to get and add in that sizzling noise for the explosive chemical
-Making things disappear to smoke
-Give the player damage/kill them if they are too close
-Implementing that awesome boom noise Big Grin

I basically want to know how to do this and make it appear realistic. I did refer to the Storage.hps (The one with the same functions) and it's just a big mess for me. Dodgy

Please help!

"Good men mean well; they just don't always end up doing well." -Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 2, Chapter 12
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08-31-2011, 06:23 PM
rybray Offline
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RE: I'm back on track and needing help

Well for the 'smoke' you can add a particle system to the timer, when you feel it is appropriate (probably when you hear/see the explosion.) Multiple colored dusts or fogs, look through the available particle systems.

As for the sizzling and boom noise, I know for a fact there is a folder in the sounds menu called 'explosion' that has a sound of a rock exploding. It is all a matter of looking through the available sound files, and pressing the play button next to them to hear what sounds best.

For the damage, use the void GivePlayerDamage function on the wiki page and specify the player to be damaged for x amount of points.

09-01-2011, 03:25 AM

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