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Real Ghost Stories
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Real Ghost Stories

With all the tales of us getting the shit scared out of us playing Frictional's games, why not share the times ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and other assorted creepy shit scared the hell out of you in real life? I could talk for hours about the things I've seen while living in haunted houses. XD

And I know that not everyone here believe in ghosts and such, so if you're one of those that doesn't, please no calling the rest of us idiots/crazy/stupid or anything of that nature, or I will personaly reach though my internet connection and slap the dogshit out of you. XD

I think I'll share something that happend at the hotel where I work at to start with. The hotel is less than 20 years old, and the land on which is sits used to be cornfields, yet it has a nice collection of spooks roaming the halls and rooms. No idea where any of them came from, well except for that one, but he's not the subject of the story today.

We have a large ballroom that we rent out for parties and such, and I'd heard on my first day on the job there that it was haunted, but I was a housekeeper then, and so didn't go into the ballroom often, or at all really. But then I switched to a different job, which required me to wander around the public areas alot, including the ballroom, and I began to notice something. Whenever we had alot of events scheduled back to back, the last couple events would start having technical difficulties. One large wedding reception which was like the eight event in three days kept blowing circuit breakers, the DJ's equipment failed repeatidly, lights kept blowing out, all sorts of things. The following day had nothing scheduled, so the banquets manager had asked me to clean and polish the floor in the service corridor that ran behind the ballroom, since I was only one of 2 people on staff that knew how to maintain a waxed floor.

The hotel was dead; only myself, my coworker, the front desk clerk, the bartender, and one cook were on staff that day, and we had only 20 or so people checked in, and they were all out and about or in their rooms. No one but me and cook were on the side of the hotel that housed the ballroom. I set up the buffer and was shinng away with no difficulty, and it was so quiet that I couldn't hear the cook puttering around the kitchen, which was at the opposite end of the hallway from me. I came across some net bags of table linens from the previous day's party that were waiting to be picked up by the service that cleaned them for us, and they were in my way, so I started to drag them into the ballroom, though one of the doors that connected the two areas. As soon as I stepped into the deserted ballroom, I just started to feel very nervous. It was like walking uninvited into a private meeting. I felt VERY unwelcome, but someone with the power to fire me had asked me to take care of the hallway, so I tried to ignore what I was feeling and dragged the linen in. I got it all in there and stepped back into the hallway and shut the door. No sooner had it closed when something hit the door hard from the other side. It sounded like someone had burned a fast ball and hit the door dead on. I jumped a foot in the air, turned around and stared at the door, and then went back and opened it up to look. The ballrooms is large, and only the lights closes to me were lit, so it would have been easy for someone to hide in a dark corner and hit the door once I wasn't looking. I peeked in, turned the brighter flourescent lights on and didn't see anyone in there but me. Not only that, but there was nothing that they could have thrown at the door. The doors leading out into the public hallway were also shut, and because of their hinge type, they take a while to close upon opening. Not even pushing on them makes them close faster, which meant that no one had exited the ballroom that way.

Right then the feeling of being unwelcome returned, stronger than before. I ducked back into the hallway, gathered up my buffere and spray buff, and left the hallway, taking the long route through the kitchen, instead of cutting across the ballroom to get back to the main area of the hotel. I never did finish that floor, and the banquets manager never asked why. I think he knew.

What has been seen, cannot be unseen.
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RE: Real Ghost Stories

Children of the corn?

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RE: Real Ghost Stories

I haven't had too many run ins with ghosts, but the couple that I would say were the cause of ghosts still come back to memory whenever I hear of ghosts.

Both encounters occured in the 4th house that I lived in, which was the 2nd city house I had lived in. When we first moved in I was 9 years old and was obsessed with ghost stories, I read them, wrote them and the whole lot. I had no experiences with ghosts before that but I had a strange feeling they were real. A year later (My ghost obsession had left) I went to bed, probably around 1 AM WAYYYY after everyone in the house was asleep, due to a serious discomfort, and a feeling that I should just go to sleep, like worse than my parents threatening to take my internet out of my room kind of feeling. So I quickly shut off my computer and hopped into bed, I had slept for probably a few hours when I was jostled awake by something, it felt like someone had beat on my arm, so I looked up while still lying down and seen a sort of silhouette standing in the door, I blinked a couple of times and could make out what I could SWEAR was my dad at the time, I called out "Dad? ... Dad what do you want?" at that moment a blinked (without thinking about it) and he was gone. I covered my head with the blankets and slept soundly.

My next run in was in the same house about a year past the previous encounter, I had my best friend over for the night and we were playing some video games. We were playing Lord of the Rings ROTK on a TV that I had brought into my room just for the night, we got onto the second level, where you have to travel through the mountains with all the ghosts, and we got to the king ghost battle. I find the fact that this occured during the battle to be coincidence rather than some crazy ghost intention but the screen flickered and my lights went out, but the TV stayed on. Our controllers stopped working and we died in the game. We were shocked and gave up on the game, and retreated to the computer for a while. We went onto a weather website (I was just learning to script HTML at the time) and we downloaded the source code and changed all of the weathers to like 200 above. I was claiming to my friend that I was hacking it and he thought that I was serious, but I knew I was full of shit, but all of a sudden room just got really hot, and we had no idea why, like REALLY hot, sweating hot (this is in a basement in fall) so we went to go upstairs to get drinks and as soon as we stepped out of the room everything felt normal, we didn't go back into the room for a bit so I do not know what happened with the temperature, but it did return to normal.

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