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Maeking a Team
Lewk Offline

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Maeking a Team

Hey, frictional forum members. I was curious if any of you are interested in making a team for a custom story(ies.)

The reason I am asking this is because of recently, I have been working on a custom chapter. For me, it is pretty hard to do the scripting, the story is somewhat below "bad", and it is overall taking a very long time. So, I realized that perhaps if I was working with a team of people, scripters, mappers, story designers, there is a strong possibility of creating a very successful custom story.

I would also just like to explain that I would be a mapper, in this team. We at least need one of each type that I listed above.

So, is anyone interested in putting something together like this? Smile
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09-22-2011, 05:13 AM
Pr3d4t0r Offline

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RE: Maeking a Team

Hi Lewk,

For ourselves, we already have a team (All Around The World Arts) and already working on a huge mod.

If you are interested to join our team, we are looking for mappers too. But the storyline is already wrote, the plans for maps too.

We are 5 for the moment :

JohnHawkz => Voice acting
kenneth Marquardt => Scripting, mapping and lighting
Kody => Scripting, mapping and lighting
mathiasstensig => Direction, Voice acting and story
Pr3d4t0r => Direction, Mapping, music composition and story

But we are looking for :

Mappers, scripters, optimizers, modelers, animators, voice acters, drawers and programmers (for *.exe file and stuff).

So if you are interested, just tell me back here or send me a PM ^^.

Peace Smile

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09-22-2011, 12:57 PM

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