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Amnesia; one of the greatest games ever.
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Amnesia; one of the greatest games ever.

I wanted to congratulate Frictional Games not only for their technical work on Amnesia, but also for the strong symbolism. This game can be considered as a virtual projection of our own Shadow, that we all carry. I thought the main reason why the game emphasized on immersion was truely because our subconscious must be one of the main factors of your own directions. And this game truely plays with our subconscious archetype : our own Shadow.

I was so scared to play that video-game, but my intuition knew I was missing something really cool. I got so captivated at this game, I started to make dreams about it; I often found myself inside the game, in front of certain obstacles and I had to lurk in the dark hallways of my own hell. One time I dreamed I was trapped in a dark hallway, in front of many monsters that I couldn't see and the environement was totally identical to Amnesia's. It was amazing, because I came to personal realizations through it. It helped me understand a part of my shadow, that was simply waiting to be conscious; I didn't know it but I was trying too often to repulse my own fears and defaults, always hoping my life would go alright and without any sort of suffering.

In all honesty, these dreams were - by far - the most interesting dreams I've ever had. I have found myself in relation with many, many deep and strange archetypes (one time, the Grunt was actually replace by a giant dear, with deep and black eyes).

There's not one single game in the world that had that influence on me. I know it depends from one person to another, but this game truely deals with deep places of our subconscious. I just wanted to thank you, Frictional Games, for this beautiful game. I can't believe how intense these experiences were, and how challenging this game is. You have to keep doing it, and hopefully we will see new games of this genre in the future; you guys have a great talent. You've done an unbelievable job.

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11-23-2011, 07:10 PM
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RE: Amnesia; one of the greatest games ever.

I think we should create another thread section called: "congrats/thanks to Frictional Games"
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11-23-2011, 07:52 PM

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