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[Spoiler]Funny bug with spiders...
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[Spoiler]Funny bug with spiders...

I believe the level was shaped so we should do this. In fact it wasn't really needed. Running is a better way to survive...
Spoiler below!

It is just after we see the first Grey rock worms...
There should be some spiders after that. And there is a big hole on the ground in the piece just before the spider.

Go close the the eggs spider so they will pop. Then go to the other side of the hole so the spider will fall into it.

The funny thing is that when they fall in the hole. They try one last time to hit you but for no reason. They fly into the roof and disappear.

By the way it's a very cool way to use the environment. i hate those spiders....Sad
06-28-2007, 01:05 AM

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