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Level Editor Help Graphic problems? Help!
sacroid Offline

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Graphic problems? Help!

Hey everyone! long time I don't post in here ;P.
Well, I've just bought a new laptop, with a GEFORCE GT 540M and every game I have works perfectly and runs fluidly. Also Amnesia works perfectly, and the graphics are perfect. The only problem is in the LVL editor, where I see weird lightning, I can't set to fullscreen in the "Perspective" window, and the thumbnails of almost every entity are pitch black!
I would really appreciate your help! <3 Thank you!

Here's a screenshot for you to see...

[Image: probleeemssss.png]

P.S: And yes, I tried to upgrade my graphics card to the latest version and still the same problem :S
01-28-2012, 08:22 PM

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