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Maybe the best game ever!!!
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RE: Maybe the best game ever!!!

Hey friend

you can finish the game without killing anything...Combat is kinda difficult as it should be...As it is in real life actually...And the main character is definately NOT a superhero.I finished the game and didnt kill a thing...
I really enjoyed that.SmileI mean the choice i had:kill and get away or just RUN LIKE THE WIND!!SmileAn d hide ofcourse
I dont think i can categorise the game...I think it's unique.Not a fps not an rpg...Survival horror?Usually in games like these you have to kill everything that moves like resident evil.Adventure?Well not exactly.In adventures you dont interact with the envirnment SO much as in this game.

Also it reminded me a lot of Thief Deadly Shadows.A BIG game that as well!!

But playing Penumbra is not just having fun...Its an experience...
10-02-2007, 01:36 AM

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