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after penumbra?
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RE: after penumbra?

I quote Jeremy-Bailey's and my words:

Jeremy-Bailey Wrote:If games are all the same, where do you draw the line that makes one better than another?
Scraper Wrote:Just quick question(s):


Who has seen already a gun in horror game?


Who has seen a horror game without gun?
(Instead of Penumbra)

I think that people remember Penumbra 'cause there were no guns and every other horror game did.

09-19-2007, 01:36 PM
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RE: after penumbra?

If I had the money I would personally direct Penumbra: The Movie as it would be 10 times better then almost all the other game-to-movie films ever made. I just don't understand why directors decide to move away from the story in the game and only keep some elements of it, this is really frustrating.

Anyway after Penumbra Im gonna wait for Project Origin (the sequel to F.E.A.R, not XP but the first F.E.A.R) and be on the look out for new horror / mystery games.


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Norwegian version. :)
09-23-2007, 03:23 PM
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RE: after penumbra?

I have gathered ideas for a movie, not that I can actually do that. I'm artistic, so I just come up with ideas. I'm sure there will never be a movie, but whatever may happen, just for fun, I came up with ideas as I went along with playing the game and such.

1. Don't make Philip some happy-lucky in life, top of the world sort of guy that soon finds himself in that cave. He can just have a natural or even sad life. It's harsh enough to be in a cave that long; one doesn't have to make him feel like the luckiest person alive before this tragedy.

2. Before I go too far, think "Ingmar Bergman". I think this story should have about the same formula. Both are Swedish and have that feel, and I personally would think they'd compliment each other far more than turning the movie into some highly dramatic American film.

3. Maybe Philip would have someone go with him, a girlfriend or fiancee; someone that at one point, he loses. Maybe one day, he wakes up, and she's gone. maybe with or without some blood, nothing too much though. now he is alone. no one is around.

4. At some point, he does come up with a COM radio, and at some point, Red talks with him. It may be best for Philip to not be able to talk with Red. A two way conversation may get silly.

5. Don't ever see any image of Red, or simply Red himself. Having him sort of unknown like the game was done very nicely.

6. Philip may encounter dogs, worms, spiders, and/or other creatures within reason. At first, Philip is in sheer terror, but perhaps later in the film (or if this is a two or three parter, maybe in the sequel), he becomes sick of this chasing around and becomes bold and angry.

7. Don't forget hallucination's. Maybe one some points (again, depending on how many titles would be made for this), Philip will be resting and images certain events, events where he believes he is really there. and maybe he really is. thoughts that someone is there, someone is trying to saying him. images of a man he believes is his father.

8. Philip finds and drinks water. he drinks and drinks and drinks and then looks up only to read "DO NOT DRINK - SALT WATER". Somehow, after 7 or so hours, he is still alive, but does have more hallucinations.

9. Naturally, to read up on what happened in the cave. this and that.

10. My classic Ingmar Bergman style scene. After collapsing onto the ground, another hallucination occurs, real or not? It is outside, birds are chirping, and not far from a cave opening are three people sitting down at a large dining room table (think abstract, and subtle). Philip, without saying a single word, approaching near the table, finding out it is his brother with two other guest. The guest don't speak. they don't look funny or gross at all, they are normal, just enjoying the meal and hearing the two brothers.
In a subtle, almost angry tone, his brother speaks.
"Good morning Philip. I see you are doing well. It has been some time. I thought maybe you forgot me, being you never invited me to your house, nor have you come to mine. I hope you know how that makes you feel. Quite similar to how your father must have felt. Quite possibly your mother as well. You never cared for any of them. You only thought of your own damn self, thinking everything was fine, all glory and magnificent, but before your very eyes, both parents have passed away, BOTH OF A MERCY KILL, YES, BECAUSE YOU WANTED THEM DEAD! YOU DROVE THEM TO THEIR OWN GRAVE, SPEECHLESS AND WITH NO HAPPY MEMORIES OF YOU! THEY TOO, MY BROTHER HAVE FORGOTTEN YOU! OH YES THEY HAVE! AND THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! IT IS OVER, SAME WITH YOUR LIFE! YOU WILL SOON FEEL THE SAME!
a pause, as he drinks some wine. "I am sorry. These images will never leave me. You may go. I have no need to see you." Philip proceeds to walk back into the cave.
I have a better image of the scene, but can't always write as well.

those are some ideas anyway.
09-23-2007, 04:59 PM

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