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AmnesiaTwo - Amnesia Community Channel!
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AmnesiaTwo - Amnesia Community Channel!

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What is AmnesiaTwo?

AmnesiaTwo is a YouTube Channel, starting as a information based channel about the new upcoming Amnesia
game, but recently transformed into a community channel, which can be found here:


Basically, let's face it, there are LOADS of let's players for the game, few which are incredibly big nowadays, but.. the little guys are staying little? many with great potential, so the aim is to spread the let's players around so everyone can have some of the pie.


Well, before we announced the channel becoming community based we had allowed two people to upload their videos on the channel which was great, the system we found was for the person to upload their video to one of the many uploading websites, which we will then download from and upload ASAP.
If you would like to be a part of this, you could reply here, personally message on this forum or a YouTube message.

Thanks for taking time to read this and hopefully some may be interested, any further questions can we answered, also it would be great if some of you could head over to the channel and subscribe if you like what is being uploaded and subscribe to the let's players that have and will upload to the channel!

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RE: AmnesiaTwo - Amnesia Community Channel!

ive sent you a message could you please reply?

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