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I took some screenshots of the timeline viewable on the slide projector in the last room (with the flashlight in it)

Spoiler below!

[Image: blah1za0.png]

[Image: blah2sp2.png]

I went through it all and wrote it down. It says something like:

1910: North Western Lead Mine opened.

12th Aug 1930: University of Copenhagen research suggests high local scuicide rates may be due to chemical deposites in the mine.

3rd Sep 1939: World War 2 breaks out.

1st Dec 1939: Part of the lead mine converted into British command bunker.

12th Aug 1945: WW2 ends.

15th Aug 1945: Commanding Officer [some name] report on ancient artefact discovered during routine maintanance

1952: North Western lead mine shut down.

1954: New lead and iron ope[something] opened on site of old mine.

1969: Malformed local fauna prompts assignment of Dr J Peters to the iron mine.

1970: Dr Peters discovers abnormally large species of grey rock worm.

24th Dec 1970: Mine worker Tom Redwood goes missing.

21st Aug 1972: Accident involving large scale deaths causesentire mining operation to be shut down - many bodies are never recovered.

19th Jan 1973 Archaic becomes aware of events in Greenland.

1st Apr 1973: Construction begins on Shelter research station on the site of the abandoned North Western Iron mine.

1975: Shelter construction complete. Key members include Overseer Bren Stafferson, chemist Troy Restenoesque (or something), and Translator Howard LeFresque.

1990: Shelter operations expand so secondary evacuation sites including Site B - Wonder (don't ask me, thats what it looks like) Cave.

12th Sep 1991: Troy Restenoesque replaced by Neil Oswald as As[something] Chemist of Site B.

20th Feb 1992 Site B closed due to hostile local fauna.

3rd Mar 2000: Primary Excavation uncovers Tuurnagait Tomb - excavation continues despite protest from Howard LeFresque.

27th Apr 2000: Investigation of Tuurngait Tomb scheduled by Cheif Overseer Wilbur Frisk.

Most interersting in bold. Odd things in italics

I hope I could help, and I'm sorry if it's been posted before.
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RE: Timeline



Some spirits were by nature unconnected to physical bodies. These figures were called tuurngait (singular tuurngaq) and were regarded as evil and monstruous, responsible for bad hunts and broken tools. They could also possess humans, as recounted in the story of Atanarjuat. The angakkuq could fight or exorcise them, or they could be held at bay by rituals; but they could also be caught and enslaved by an angakkuq, who could then turn them against free tuurngait.

Tuurngaq has, with Christianisation, taken on the additional meaning of demon in the Christian belief system.

Anyone remember the inuit mytholigy book from Overture?

Please -REP me.
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RE: Timeline

Ghost? There better not be ghost in this game.
02-10-2008, 09:37 PM
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RE: Timeline

Edited accordingly. Interesting that, actually. Woo, Grey the demon Tongue

Wonder what they meant exactly by "hostile local fauna". Damn those plants! Wink
02-10-2008, 09:37 PM
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RE: Timeline

Plants are flora Smile
02-10-2008, 09:50 PM

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