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Keeping the (in)sanity level for a specific amount of time
ApeCake Offline

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Keeping the (in)sanity level for a specific amount of time

Hello guys, I have two questions today. First one is kind of complicated to explain. Being terrible at explaining doesn't help it either.

Alright, so I have some kind of "movie"-like intro (SetPlayerActive(false)/StartPlayerLookAt/that sort of stuff) and I want the sanity level to be the lowest (the lying-on-the-ground-one). I did this by adding GiveSanityDamage(1000, true); at void OnStart(). However, the player seems to be only laying on the ground for roughly 15 seconds (after that he stands up), and my intro is about 25 seconds long, and I want to keep him laying on the ground the entire intro. I used something very simple trying to fix this, an AddTimer, FadeOut and then GiveSanityDamage(1000, true);. So what I have right now is; When the Player opens up the map, he's lying on the ground due to the GiveSanityDamage, then after 12 seconds it fades out, and while that is happening, at about 16 seconds (When he is going to stand up) he gets a GiveSanityDamage(1000, true); to the face, and it fades in. However, when it fades in you can hear the "PEEP" sort of noise and you can see him "falling" to the ground. As a perfectionist, this annoys me. I was wondering if there is something where you can keep his sanity at a certain level (at the lowest for this one) for a specific amount of time. Is that possible?

Second question; a very simple one. I love writing notes and setting up a story but I really need to know how to add another page to a note. Since a break is [br], I guess its something similar?
EDIT: I see you need a specific amount of words to get it to a new page. Is this the only way to get a new page, or is there some code for it?

Thanks in advance.
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06-22-2012, 08:20 PM
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RE: Keeping the (in)sanity level for a specific amount of time

at a note, use [br][new_page][br]
at a diary, a simple [br] should do the trick, try it out at this one.

For the first question: A common way in wake up scripts to do that is by turning the player camera sideways and moving it elsewhere. You could probably do the same, maybe you even find that beep sound somewhere and you can use a addsound function to hear that one if you want it. For a tutorial on wake up scripts go to:
number 18, wake up script
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06-22-2012, 10:28 PM

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