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Why HPL2?
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Why HPL2?

Here's a nice question for you all you modders over here on the FG forums. Over all the engines out there, why did you pick to focus on HPL2 (As a primary engine of choice, or otherwise)? I've heard many other engines are much more capable of doing more varied things, being able to more easily fulfill the gaming ideas you've locked away in your brain. So why choose HPL2? There must've been a reason why you did it over other engines like Source, Unreal, or others.

My reason is that I'm fairly new to modding, and I wanted to try something simple. Seeing as how much I enjoyed Amnesia, I tried delving into its area of modding, and was delighted to find it fairly straightforward in most cases. That being said, I never tried any other engines, so I might be missing out on some other stuff out there
07-25-2012, 11:12 AM
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RE: Why HPL2?

It's all really about the community, I personally I have worked with alot fo different engines by now, the source engine is a neat tool and so is the unreal engine. However I want to do horror, and HPL already has some very good basics laid out for that.

That doesn't mean that's all I work with though, I'm constantly using the Unreal 3 Engine for private projects as that engine is way supperior.
The reason to people using HPL2 should be quite obvious, it's Amnesia!
07-25-2012, 11:24 AM
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RE: Why HPL2?

HPL2 is an excellent engine for horror games that will also handle very accurate physics.
I found HPL1 engine of Penumbra a bit more realistic, but in general HPL2 is good enough for some further titles.
I don't know how much the improvement of HPL3, but I think they are still working on that engine, so that thechineseroom need to use the final HPL2 engine and they modified it to HPL2.1.

If the further upcoming games would be same good as Amnesia or Penumbra, it's no matter what engine they use, I'm totally satisfied to HPL1 engine.
07-25-2012, 04:44 PM

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