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Björn Pankratz (game developer) playing guitar with his wife.
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RE: Björn Pankratz (game developer) playing guitar with his wife.

(08-09-2012, 04:16 PM)Googolplex Wrote: @Traggey

And I have seen some 3D models by you and they are not better. In fact they would be too ugly for a game.
Aha, so you're going to personally insult me in a discussion? That's too bad, I've never claimed that I work at a professional level, infact I know very well I do not. I'm still learning.

You using incredibly dumb arguments to back up what you're saying I can deal with, because it's discussable but once you start insulting people it becomes a problem.
I have not seen you make a single model at all, that gives you even less rights to say anything no?

I'm done here, all heil Googolplex, the master reich of gamers he stems from are supperior to the rest of us.
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08-09-2012, 07:36 PM
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RE: Björn Pankratz (game developer) playing guitar with his wife.

woah, Stop it, all of you!. sorry if this gets misinterpreted as backseat modding, its not intended to be that, but, traggey, perhaps you should just lock the thread, and, i hope this doesnt bust a freindship here, put googolplex onto a temporary suspension. i see myself as something of an "old school elite" gamer and even i think he is going too far!

on the lets play. my only complaint is, "couldnt have used a few less f bombs?".

no one makes good renders at first. heck, i still remember my first Lee Enfeild SLR (a british clone of the FN FAL) for Counter Strike..it looked more like a pencil than an Enfeild! things improve with experience. and hey, those early renders of yours are better than my first ones traggey! so keep it up man.

and again, i dont care much for graphics personally. as well, they are secondary for me, i feel that gameplay is vital. yes, i like good graphics, i love good graphics, i think Cryengine 3 looks fantastic for example and think more games should use it, but, id be just as willing to put up with build if the gameplay was awesome. as gameplay is what is important to me personally.

i do agree that renders are more important than polygons, its why i think Id-Tech 3 is better than id-Tech 5. id tech 5 is a Disaster Render wise, they are smuged and blurred and muddy, even on a top flight Nvidea, and they take Forever and a day to load, leaving just a flat mess pre hand, i thaught unreal 3 took its time to load textures, but, compared to id-5 its lightning, were as id tech 3 loads textures instantly, and they are crisp and detailed, heck there are games on id Tech 3, such as Soldier of Fortune 2 and Star Treck Elite Force II, that Still look good compared to todays games!, are are better than several, were as id tech 5 is a very average looking engine for today. so i state id 3 is better than id 5, as it has better renders despite only having a quater of the polygons.

im also a beleiver in "graphics of the times", its why i think say, i dunno, Goldeneye 64 is a better game graphically than say, modern warfare 3, because modern warfare 3 has Terrible graphics for today, were as goldeneye 64 had Mind popping graphics for a console game of its time. and i beleive a graphics engine that was mind popping its day is better than one that is average for its own.

ill say again, and this is aimed at googolplex in particular. a good game is unique to each individual, as much as i love, say, Nolf 2, there are probably people out there who think it sucks. granted, i cannot see how anyone can like a really dumbed down and patronising and offensive game like cod and its clones, other a complicated, lengthy and challenging classic with a good story, but im not going to hate on someone for hating on say, "gothic", as well, although I enjoyed the bits i tried, i would sooner play baldurs gate because i think baldurs gate is better, one of the best RPG videogames ever i think. its my own personal opinion. same for the other posters here.
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08-09-2012, 08:01 PM

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