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Daniels Quotes
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RE: Daniels Quotes

(08-30-2012, 01:37 AM)lizard lips Wrote: I know what the quotes are Its just that when When there supossed to be he dosen't say them at time for some reason.
In the HPL2 level editor which frictional games used to make Amnesia : The Dark Descent, they have boxes called "Insanity". Whenever the player triggers such a box the game will see if the player his sanity is low enough for a sound to be played (The sounds from the insanity folder within the sound folder within the root folder : Mapception). When the player is crystal clear, no sounds will be played when the player collides with the box. Also, in every level there are one ore more insanity boxes and each time you trigger one, there is a 180 seconds delay before you can activate another one. So the chances you will hear the same sounds at the same times in different playtroughs are quite low.
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