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Penumbra Overture (best FP Horror game ever?)
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Penumbra Overture (best FP Horror game ever?)


I just wanted to start a thread about how top notch Overture is.

I recently bought part 2/3, and am going back through the original w/my new machine:

Intel Q6600
NV 8800 GT Alpha Dog

I'd originally played it in 1024x768 w/mostly everything turned up - that was on an old AMD 3200 and an NV 6800 GT.

Now, I'm going back through it w/everything maxed and in 1280x1024, 4xAA, vsync/etc... and WOW.... I simply don't understand how an Indie Developer made SUCH a well designed single player game, AND... on top of that, made an engine that runs SO well.

AA and Vsync are done in game - most games today don't even run that well with those two options controlled via the game... Crysis for instance runs better w/those two options being controlled by the hardware.

Not Penumbras' engine - wow... thing runs like absolute butter... the loads are blistering fast... the storyline is one of the most creative I've ever seen, and the voice acting and sound effects are the best I've ever experienced in a horror game.... hands down.

I just beat level one for Overture last night, and lol... I completely forgot how the game goes (meaning, I forgot all the puzzles/etc), so it's like I'm getting to play it again for the first time : )
(beat it last year when it hit the shelves)

I just wanted the developers (hopefully, they look at this board) to know how fantastically impressed I am as a gamer.

I've been playing FPSers since Wolf3d, so I know a quality FPS experience when I see one... as well as horror games... played all the original Alone in the Dark titles.

You guys absolutely NAILED this experience... honestly: I could have done w/maybe a revolver and a couple rounds, but it wasn't a necessity. I honestly don't enjoy the 'fake' glowing that occurs when the player kneels but I understand why you guys implemented such a feature... and it does work very well mind you.

Other than those gripes... I cannot find fault w/anything in the game.
The way the lights hit the textures is STUNNING... and for a budget game: this is unseen and unheard of.

It ABSOLUTELY amazes me in this day and age how some overfunded/overpaid company can spend $100,000 on the latest Unreal Engine and promptly screw up a crucial feature like AA...


Whether or not your Penumbra Engine build can handle huge open areas or any of these other 'newer/"better" features' is negligable.

The engine you guys built looks as good as ANYthing out there for what it does, and it ANNIHILATES ALL other horror games out there....

The ONLY contender I see at this point is the new Alone in the Dark that's going to be coming out later on this year.... obviously, that title has more money being put into it, so it's understandable why it looks more advanced etc.

I'm not saying that ^ to talk trash (far from it): I hope seeing that ^ title come to fruition will only invigorate your small team to bounce back with a PART 3 OR... a completely new horror series based off of the same winning principles you created for Overture and Black Plague.


lol... didn't mean to talk y'alls ears off on my first post, but I had to come in here and say that this piece of software has moved me in inumberable ways, it's motivating me to think of new ways a horror game can be played and enjoyed....

If you and your team doesn't continue to press on by coming out with new Horror games in the future; I will forever be sad, BUT: I will always have these two titles to remind me of what THE




is supposed to look like.

Thank you for ALL your hard work, your outstanding creativity, and for having the balls to make a game that no other company 'could' make,

(your biggest fan)
02-27-2008, 12:01 AM

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