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Punts Reveiwing Service!
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Punts Reveiwing Service!

Hi there!

My name is Punts or Varian (I chose these names from my old World of Warcraft characters), real name being Liam, I haven't seen any services quite like this from what I have seen, but what I offer is a review of a custom story or such.

I play through the mod and pay attention to detail of the story, mapping and the game-play itself I judge the interest in the story line, how intense the scares are and I will judge these with out of ten marks, along with comments of what I like and what I dis-like, and just as a warning I will not sugar coat anything, so if you can't take critique do NOT reply asking me to review.

I will reply via private message or if your mod has a forum page I will comment on there.

I also will be making a play through of custom story of my experience on my Youtube channel, I'm not whoring myself out, but if you would like to see my experience doing so, check it out.

Looking forward to helping anyone


Keen on rolling, Rick.
09-27-2012, 01:51 PM

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