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Cool and scary MOD for Amnesia, but need a team of helpers to make.
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Cool and scary MOD for Amnesia, but need a team of helpers to make.

While I was doing my normal activities an idea for a potentially cool and scary Amnesia mod popped into my mind. How about a Cloverfield MOD. Now if you want, it doesn't have to be a Cloverfield exactally, but an inspired one. I think this (either a Cloverfield or an inspired one) would work as a great scare. Think of those parasites in the tunnels, they'd be great scares alone. In this story, let's say your a different person (thus different perspectives of the attack). I can see you being chased by Clover. Can you imagine anything scarier than something bigger (and physically tougher let's say) than Godzilla who's walking speed is faster than your running speed?

Now my short story The Dark Depths is still being made. I know what to do to finish it, but need some new sounds (can't say what, would spoil the story) and somehow make an image for a 'Loading Screen' (not sure how but know it's doable) before finishing the rest (as I know what to have for the rest). Seeing it is short and plan on finishing it soon (as my life will permit), I decided to start planning my next story. Feel free to discuss any/all aspects of this story with me (including what to call it) so that, for any who's interested, we can make this new and 'big' (pun intended) tale.
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