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Some questions about the story-writing in the series...
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Some questions about the story-writing in the series...

I was just curious... Who got the brilliant idea of connecting the real-life legends from Inuit folklore (the deadly "Tuurngait" spirits) with the mysteries revelead in the game's story (the animals and humans infected by the sentient alien virus) ? Was it Tom Jubbert or one of the devs ?

I still remember the moment, when I found the notes about Inuit mythology (in the crane control room, I think), while playing Overture for the first time. At first, it added little sence to the main plot of the story, but felt quite chilling anyway, because of the way it was written... The facts in the notes seemed a bit familiar to me, since I read a book about Inuit culture and lifestyle a few years ago. Anyway, after closing the notes, I just felt : "O.K., creepy, but no big deal..." I never gave it a special second thought, until I started playing Black Plague. The whole thing about the notes started to make a hell lot more sense since then... I finally found a link between the "zombie" wolf-doggies and researchers, the oversized spiders and worms and the ancient myths of Greenland's natives... And... it made me shiver... REALLY SHIVER WITH FEAR.

"You... silly Billy !" (Clarence, Penumbra : Black Plague)
04-25-2008, 07:43 PM

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