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Should Penumbra 3 have more enemys?
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RE: Should Penumbra 3 have more enemys?

ye i want more of that rabbit dog thing from the kennel, that was the scariest part of BP, i also want as some1 else said a "what the hell is that below/over/on my side/somewhere in the room feeling", the feeling that u know ur alone and afraid of something jumping infront of ur face, thats what overture was good at and BP was bad at, giving me that feeling, the infected looked stupid if u looked em in the eye :O, and if u have new enemies, PLEASE better textures on them Smile the infected looked like a 2001 game graphic(silent hill 2 i think, had some kind of similar texture, cant remember which date that was released thoughTongue)

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07-10-2008, 12:01 PM

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