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Thoughts on Bioshock Infinite
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RE: Thoughts on Bioshock Infinite

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This killed me.

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04-15-2013, 05:15 PM
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RE: Thoughts on Bioshock Infinite

The main thing that bothers me about Vigors, is that almost not a single enemy uses them against you, although Columbia is more or less filled with them, they, as Thomas pointed, serve no narrative purpose. Let's see now, you have the Fireman, but it looks like he launches the Devil's Kiss Vigor at you mechanically or through a weapon, mostly because he looks like some infernal robot. then there is the Crow enemy, but he never uses Murder Of Crows against you, they just float around him serving no purpose other than being a decorative.

The game would be much richer and more interesting, if for example, some random citizen which you just provoked, pulverizes you with Bouncing Bronco or some other. But of course, to get that done properly and convincingly, one needs to have a little more imagination and put a little more effort. But considering how the Vigors themselves are bland, boring and poorly done like many other things in this game, I am just hoping too much. Bioshock Infinite is just an average shooter that pretends it is something more. All in all a huge disappointment for me.
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