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ZaRboN's Astrology: Requiem

ZaRboN's Astrology: Requiem

Hi there, I'm back again to the forums Big Grin
I've been thinking alot about Requiem and thought about possible happenings which may take place in the game.
As a start, this is an expansion after all, and we probably know most of this game so it won't be a long game.
My guess is that Philip is going to interact with his father and probably his mother, cause they might have a connection with the infection (Howard already does).
Since this game is abstract, it's probably going to explain everything about everyone...I just don't know for sure if Philip is going to be all right.
Another guess is that at the end Philip dies and the game is going to be repeated- Someone knew enters the mines and there it ends (But we do know that Philip already collapsed lots of places).

I hope this game will satisfy us and everyone.
good luck philip.
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