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Penumbra Collection on GOG
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Penumbra Collection on GOG

I know I made a mistake and got just Overture on Steam thinking it was the whole collection, well, I got an email from gog.com, 5 games 80% off so picked up the Penumbra collection DRM free ($2) with 4 other games....I thought the collection would count as 3, so it was hard to decide on what else to get but I got Dyad, Primordia, Signal Ops and Driftmoon for $13 = £8.75 in total, so I deleted Overture on steam. I am well chuffed after making the mistake as I said in my last post, $2 for all 3 Penumbra games, and went for Amnesia Machine for pigs on steam as I had money in my wallet. That was the bargain clincher for me, I was not paying $10 for all of them as I had one, and having just got OUTLAST (manignifico) The Penumbra Collection for $2 had to be...Smile.
09-10-2013, 06:22 AM
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RE: Penumbra Collection on GOG

I'm glad you finally got the complete series. Hopefully you enjoy it!

09-10-2013, 09:41 PM
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