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About Cinematic Games & a machine for pigs
ruzen Offline
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About Cinematic Games & a machine for pigs

I write these post on some other forum and I just wanted to know what are your thoughts about the subject.
Peope often forget the 'game' side when It comes to the Cinematic "Games"

It shouldnt be like watching a movie when It comes to the games. Every art ( yes I think games a new kind of art since games arent just about scores) has It own objectives and tools to present when It comes to expressing a feeling through art. For example in films, you have to use Movie tools ( editing, lighting,etc..) and should offer good movie techniques to tell your story. Another example is Novels. You have to use Its own tools ( been fluent, portrayal,etc..) to give a good story aswell a good art. Thats why we have these arts to spread our feeling and stories. If you want to just tell a thing you can just do that at a bar with friends.

In this case - games - shouldnt players aspect from a game, with good gameplay? Every big game ( in this case Amnesia ) has Its own uniqe atmosphere (consept), a story and a feeling. Along with all that. A player also care for a gameplay ( because Its a game and one of the most important tools is gameplay) So thats why so called games like The Walking Dead (Interactive Cinematic Story Telling), Dear Esther ( walking ) and alike games are not games! Couse they offer zero gameplay what so ever.

Thats why I am telling Amnesia: A machine for pigs has zero gameplay. Its a dumbed down product. You have no inventory there for there is no complex puzzles( or NOT even a puzzle If I can dare to say), there is no heal system, no sanity system and because of there is no interactions with the objects "puzzles" are even more easy; the only pickable objects are ment for puzzle piece so there for you can easly solve any puzzle. There are really cool objects out there and I want to just exemine them but now I cant and story telling is not good aswell. You allways have to look for your diary for what to do but be carefull sometimes diaries just spoile all the fun out of the puzzle or story. Example: I must fill X with Y . I seen some Y at the Z I should check It out. With all off these issues makes sadly breaking me away from the game.

The game is dumbed down because there is no survival elements left in this game. This time you have unlimited light sourse and your lamp is become monster detected tool! When It blinks all you have to do is turn off light, crouch and just wait 8-15 sec. like that, then continue what you are doing. Its a very very bad mechanic that makes you focus more about your light and pulles you out of the creepy sounds and area. I seriusly stop scaring after 1,5 hours of this game, which last 4 hours. There is no tension left! Even the story has no twist or epic moments(beside one scene) because you allready expecting everything before It happens.

Because all of these things, this game is just another Cinematic Story Telling "Game" and has no gameplay in It. Thats why I'am disapointed about this product and thats what I think of "gaming".
09-10-2013, 09:44 PM
Retomathic Offline

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RE: About Cinematic Games & a machine for pigs

Outlast had a pretty cinematic thing it was like a movie
but amnesia is more like a simulator
09-10-2013, 09:48 PM
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hunchbackproduction Offline
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RE: About Cinematic Games & a machine for pigs

(09-10-2013, 09:48 PM)Retomathic Wrote: Outlast had a pretty cinematic thing it was like a movie
but amnesia is more like a simulator

A simulator where everything is glued to the table...

Scripting level is over 9000!
09-10-2013, 10:02 PM
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