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Scariest moment? (spoilerific thread)
pinkribbonscars Offline

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RE: Scariest moment? (spoilerific thread)

The area where you have to remove the pipes to screw up the steam pressure. Seeing 2 of those huge pigs running towards me was terrifying ; -;
09-17-2013, 03:14 PM
Lazoriss Offline

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RE: Scariest moment? (spoilerific thread)

Like several others, I was scared during the fueling scene. As soon as I heard the crash and pig sounds, I dropped what I was doing and promptly hurled myself out the window in the back room. XD

My first "true" encounter in the cage-room under the church. There had been so many fake and scenic encounters that I was honestly surprised by this one. I saw the wretch dart across at the bottom of the stairs. Feeling gutsy and even a bit cocky at this point, I chased after it. Rounded a corner and BLAM. Big pig monster right in front of me. It was actually pretty cool. It didn't just awkwardly turn my way and begin to chase me like the monsters in TDD. It crouched a bit and ROARED at me. It was both aesthetically stunning and scary. C:

Most of the other scares were obvious and didn't scare me so much. When the layout of the tunnel from the cold room changed, I knew there would be a chase. I knew that cat-walk would collapse and toss me in with the water monsters. I KNEW that there would be a monster chase in the steam pipe room (why else would they show me the ladder before my task was finished?).

But my most terrifying encounter was the Telsa pig. Being stuck in a square room with that thing randomly warping/turning invisible was just UUUUUAAAGH. Not to mention I could still HEAR it stomping around after it had vanished. D8 My heart was pounding somewhere in my throat during that entire part. X[
09-20-2013, 07:57 AM
RiverPhlegethon Offline
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RE: Scariest moment? (spoilerific thread)

I think one of the worst parts was the Tesla Pig part. That made me panic pretty bad. I can still hardly do it, haha.
There was a hilarious/terrifying moment of realization before we all started panicking when we were actually faced with the water monster in the sewers. Thankfully, we got that one on camera.
12-12-2013, 02:50 PM
Wapez Offline
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RE: Scariest moment? (spoilerific thread)

This thread contains so much in-game information that it should be illegal to not use the spoiler function. Tongue
Spoiler below!

Like this one right here.

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12-12-2013, 05:23 PM

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