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Amost ran her over! [kinda spoiler may be included]
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Solved: 9 Years ago Amost ran her over! [kinda spoiler may be included]

Hey guys,

I wanted to report one minor issue I came along while playing the game. This is sort of the only issue I noticed.

So I was playing the map "streets". During that event I encountered a pig which began to hunt me. I am pretty sure this is supposed to happen since it also punched me in the end which resulted in Mandus becoming unconscious. However while being hunted, I came along a street where I saw some folks running. I gotta admit it was all very quick this soince my heart was pounding from that chase. It was shortly before I was punched by that pig, tho.
So in this street I think there were quite some NPCs running. And amongst them was a woman dressed in rather bright colors. What struck me was that while she was running, she wasn't really moving at all. She was sticking in place actually while the running animation seemed to be executed rather slow.

So again, this was all happening in a matter of seconds and I am NOT 100% sure if that running animation was much slower than intended or if that woman wasn't moving at all or just very slowly. She was pretty much in my way and I almost ran into her and I am pretty sure this wasn't intended.

I am sorry if I cannot give more detailed informations and I am not sure if this bug is reproducable. In hindsight I should have saved that game on the spot and sent you the savegame. I am sorry for not thinking about that at this time. I hope however the report is somewhat usable.
09-19-2013, 01:11 AM

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