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A minor text update by me.
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RE: A minor text update by me.

(09-24-2013, 04:52 AM)Your Computer Wrote: I'm actually in favor of this, so long as the text doesn't make me feel like i'm an idiot when reading it. The main issue with the hints is that the action may already have been committed before the hint ever comes up. That, to me, makes the hints almost pointless to display. I interact with an object, hint comes up telling me how to interact with the object. A hint, at that point, would only be necessary if the act itself does not entail how to further interact with the object.

I'll be monitoring this thread, too.

When you interact with an object, a hint comes up to tell you how to throw and how to rotate it - I think, that's OK. And when you grab a door, a hint will tell you how to open or close it by moving the mouse. I don't see a problem here. I also removed most of the "unimportant" hints. Only a few gameplay specific hints to tell the controls are nice to have. But I see a problem, when it reminds me to play a game and am not the character who's thinking. Probably it is because I played Penumbra first and so I got disappointed with Amnesia, but in principial I like the wise how Penumbra shows the hints - they were integrated into the game and not like pop-ups.

I know, that everyone can disable it, but I also want that even people who have hints enabled feel the best of experience. And so I decided to change all hints of Amnesia like it is in Penumbra. And I feel absolutely better immersed. The point is that my new texts doesn't seem like to be hints.
09-24-2013, 03:53 PM

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