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Affectionate horror
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Affectionate horror

Yesterday I saw a horror movie (I talked about) which had the power to change my opinion about horror.

So, firstly the reason why I post it into the SOMA forum is that Frictional Games seems to go an other experimental way of horror with this game. And now I am no longer thinking that horror always has to scare the shit out of you. Instead the goal is to tell a melancholic story of drama!

The movie showed me a new kind of horror which I really like more than disturbing events, jumpscares or bloody corpses and all that clichés.

It's about sad love. Affectionate horror. I never saw this kind of horror in any other media, but I think FG should build on it. This intelligent kind of horror is able to create a lot of emotions on me.
11-01-2013, 09:43 PM
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RE: Affectionate horror

Everything you just described is the precise reason that I enjoyed A Machine For Pigs. It was a different type of horror, one that should be more expanded upon in modern day horror films/games. I have watched that film, american and original, and it's the kind of film that leaves you emotionally confused and even distraught.

This seems to be the direction that FG seems to be headed in. I'm sure they will do something similar to what you described, mixed with their original concepts of horror and fear. Under the right circumstances, it could be an emotional roller coaster.

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11-01-2013, 10:09 PM
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RE: Affectionate horror

You know, I kind of skipped over this one looking for a movie to watch on Halloween (ended up with Shaun of the Dead lol), but I think I'll look into watching it now.
Like HorrorElementFilms, I loved AMFP because it was unique and conjured feelings other than just fear.
Thanks for the recommendation!

11-02-2013, 12:48 AM
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RE: Affectionate horror

i always search for higher meaning in horror stories. lovecraft said that fear is the oldest and strongest emotion, and it's really interesting to see what makes us afraid and what not. i think i will give the movie a try.

from what i have seen, the best examples for me are antichrist and the masterpiece video game silent hill 2. antichrist is the only horror movie that genuinely made me afraid (because of one line lol) and silent hill 2 is the only story that genuinely made me cry.
11-03-2013, 03:25 AM
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RE: Affectionate horror

Oh yesyesyesyes! This thread was built for me!

Namely I am talking about the anime Higurashi, which I have written extensive thoughts on here:

I don't care how often I bring this anime up. After Corithian recommended it to me, and I watched it, it has been the thing that truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of tragic horror, at least the first season.

Unlike a lot of other horror I see which may be depressing all the way through, Higurashi's main strength lies in its contrast which makes you truly understand how the main cast are very good friends, and that an unfortunate twist of events causes a dreadful tragedy. You'll actually feel sorry for the cast on screen whilst being creeped out at what's unfolding, and later on when more light is shed on certain aspects you'll feel even worse than you did initially.

That's really something I feel like horror could do some more with. Using happier days as a contrast to illustrate how the characters have fallen turns the story from a clusterball of messed up shit into an engaging, and often tear-jerking tragedy.

EDIT: Oh, and judging from how this thread is going currently, I think it'll have less to do with SOMA than it was set out to begin with as opposed to talking about this stuff in General. So off to Off Topic it is!

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