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Negative Spoilers
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Negative Spoilers

I was recently watching one of the LP'ers I was subscribed, HCBailly, who is a prominently player of JRPGs. I noticed that he has a rather annoying habit of revealing what I consider to be "negative spoilers" - i.e. what's not going be in the game's story, such as that there won't be time travel, the main character won't die, etc.

Should these "negative" spoilers be considered actual spoilers, since they reduce the possibilities that you (the player or the audience) expect to be in the story?

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11-24-2013, 02:36 AM
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RE: Negative Spoilers

I believe there are things which can be considered definite spoilers, and other sort of things which can be considered spoilers, or not depending on personal preference.

For example: Something massive like Snape kills "censored" could definitely be considered a spoiler. However something else like Thor going to seek Loki's help in the newest Thor movie (Which is part of the trailers) will be considered spoilers by some who wish to go into the movie completely fresh minded, but not by some others.

Personally I think that most of the time, with exceptions, that these negative spoilers can be considered more of the personal preference thing rather than definite most of the time. However if he is debunking a massive red herring that is taking place, then I believe that that can be considered a spoiler.

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11-24-2013, 04:51 AM

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