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Amnesia: TDD New Amnesia: The Dark Descent Walkthrough/Playthrough!
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New Amnesia: The Dark Descent Walkthrough/Playthrough!

Hello and thank you for visiting this post.Big Grin
I've taken upon myself to start my Youtube Channel with the one and only "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". Since i feel like this game should be watched as if "you" were playing, I've decided to had NO commentary (Maybe some exceptions on Notes). This is a BLIND playthrough as I've never watched or played this game.
If you would like to check out the video you can find it here:

I've also been streaming on Twitch for a while and though I'd play some Custom Storys now and then, so if you want to check it out as well you can go to the following:

Thank you for your time, reading this post and sorry if the videos arent very well made, as I don't have any experience with video making, I only have experience on Live Streaming.Smile

P.S: If you have any advice and/or suggestions, please do tell, as i will be very appreciative of CONSTRUCTIVE advice and be able to improve this channel.
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