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Unknown - Alpha?
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Unknown - Alpha?

Hello there.
I have an question,any way to play Unknown Alpha?(im noob,so i dont know)I like it more than the orginal Amnesia.If there is no way to play it,is there any custom stories,mods that contains these Features?

- Sanity Potions

- Thalers (With which u will be able to open locked chests with valuable items)

- Game % - An text on screen will appear of how much u completed game. Ex. "Completed : 0.05%"

- Infected Enemey from black plague instead Grunt or brute.

- Diffrent door opening sounds etc...

These are features from Alpha. Is there any FC or CS that contains these?

this is the unkown alpha video :
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03-16-2014, 07:06 PM
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RE: Unknown - Alpha?

Killings in Altstadt (Conversion Mod) They use thalers more than any cs ive seen. You will understand once you play the mod.

White Night (Conversion Mod) OR Penumbra Necrologue (Demo) These two uses infected enemies. I believe Penumbra Necrologues enemy is the only one where the enemy says things like in Penumbra BP.

There's no mod (not what I recall) uses something as completion procent.

There are many custom stories that uses sanity potions. If you want a good one, I would recommend The Great Work. However, there sanity potion is called Paregoric.

Not played a custom story or conversion mod with different door sound. But Closure (Coming May) seems to be using custom opening sounds.

03-16-2014, 07:30 PM

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