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Black Plague Explaining Map 1 and Map 2
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Black Plague Explaining Map 1 and Map 2

Map 1
in one of the desk drawer there is a glow-stick, and a piece of paper, take them. in one of the green lockers you will also find a small coin. take the coin and double click on it in the inventory and use it on the vise on the desk. turn the vise handle clockwise and the coin will be squeezed, when it clicks pick it up again. behind a moveable shelf there is a ventilation drum, use the squeezed coin on it to open the ventilation grate. crouch and go into the ventilation system.

Map 2
proceed through the vents. soon, you will enter a wrecked wing of a hallway with a soda machine. also waiting there is 1 flare, 2 sets of batteries, and a piece of paper. take them all. then use any rubble on the ground you can hold, and throw it at the soda machine. it should spit out a soda. take that too. proceed into the rest the vents. in the vents there will be 1 set of batteries, if you look around in the blocked vent sides. while in there you will need to place a metal beam or a wooden plank over part of the floor that is damaged and loose. if you do not do this, you will fall into a metal spiked pit. move on to the damaged pipe spitting steam take and a left and exit the shaft. don't worry about the locked door in the fridge room, nor don't pay mind to the zombie. there will be a temperature reader. spray with soda to lower the temp. go back in vent quickly so that you can by-pass the steam pipe take, because it's now off with you spraying on the temp, and all. Move on to Map 3! Tongue
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