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Creative Maps! - What YOU Want to See!
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RE: Creative Maps! - What YOU Want to See!

(07-03-2014, 11:23 PM)Robosprog Wrote: I'm not saying what you make won't be good, but you've said yourself now, whatever you make won't be original, and if you're using the same/simillar assets over and over again, having a different take will be very hard. I don't mean to scare people away, but if you're getting scared now, it may be for the best. Why? Because if you're scared, chances are you'll try a lot fucking harder to create something amazing. Yes, I am tired of stuff people are making, because nothing new has been created. It is always, and I am guilty of it too, the same fucking environments. The same mansions, the same castles, the same dungeons and ruins. Very rarely will people take a poke at outdoor, but even then it's very rare to see anything that isn't just a flat plane, the same few low res houses at night with a few grass and tree objects scattered around. A lot of people think when I mention flat planes I'm kinda doing a running joke, or not completely serious. To be honest? I'm deadly serious about it, because it reminds people not to do it, and we might get something a little different.

You could, try and make an underground lab a very happy, nice place. -That'd- be different, but then it couldn't be a horror mod and would have to be steered more towards pure puzzles and story, which means the quality of the two would have to be much higher.

Context, and how you do something is very important, yes, but, the way this community as a whole abuses the assets like a ginger step child is wrong, and people need to fucking grow some balls and start taking risks with design. I would legitimately play your story if there was no horror at all. If you introduced some kind of new mechanic or feature, some how - (It is possible). Innovation is a keystone of game development, and saying "Oh yeah, it's the exact same thing but the CONTEXT is different" doesn't make it better.

And trust me, I'm not treating you like dirt, though if you felt that way, I'm sorry. I do judge harshly, yes, but that's because I'm sick and tired of seeing this "creative ideas" thread, for an already set environment, that isn't creative, when it'll probably be using assets we've all seen once before. If you want your mod to stand out, use custom assets - if you can't learn to yourself, get a friend to join the project who can. It'll be fresh, that way. On top of that, try and look into new ways of designing an enemy encounter, I'll probably release a one map custom story where I just try a few different ways eventually. Then again, I also said I'd release chapter 2, that ain't happening. And a puzzle mod, that ain't happening.
So, you could try and beat me to it, chances are you'd win, you'd learn something from the practice, and you'd show the rest of the forums what the fuck they've been doing. And don't just do something with stealth, as that can be done. Try something based around timing, precision, or hell, maybe even challenge a grunt to a game of horse and throw shit in a bin to defeat him. Something new.

If you get custom assets, at least the environment will look fresh, introduce new aspects of design, your mod will feel very different to amnesia and other mods already. Add in a half decent story and you've got something that's actually probably better than White Night because White Night is overrated as shit, but something pretty damn great and unique.

And as for why I hang around HPL2? I don't. This is the most I've posted (3 posts) in what, five months?
Because nobody gives me reason to stay around.
Please give me a reason, I'd love to be proven wrong.

This is a good introduction to a lot of core stuff in level design:


Ah okay, now with your explanation everything makes more sense. About that last sentence:

I'm making a story which I'm trying to be original in all aspects, I hope that you'll like it. (Yes, there's the mansion, the castle, the dungeon, etc, but you'll see.)

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07-04-2014, 02:37 PM

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