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Playin the newest version of scp cb![ENDED]
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Playin the newest version of scp cb![ENDED]

Hey guys I'm gonna try the newest version of scp cb! It's gonna be frightening and yeah fun!

If you guys wanna join or laugh at me while I fail and get scared then here's the link for the stream!


See ya there Wink

I'll start streamin when there's more people watching! Wink

Guys I just wanna let you know I will start streaming at 9:30 pm sharp cause I thought why not play this at night time! Big Grin

I changed my mind, why not try the newest version of scp cb? More scares, more scps, more fun!!

Thanks everyone for being there! unfortunatley only neelke was at the stream :/

If you missed and wanna watch it, here's the video https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9504...ts/3250648

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