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Dynamic A.I
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RE: Dynamic A.I

(10-08-2014, 09:37 PM)Googolplex Wrote: I think everyone of us has to play Alien Isolation first to understand of what Diango12 is taling about. Maybe he has right and the dynamic A.I. is really an excellent improvement for horror games like this.

But I think this will depending from game to game.

Its not without its problems. I think nailing an unpredictable A.I is going to come down to level design. In some areas the levels in Alien: Isolation are really good. You have multiple paths to take, and plenty of hiding spots that blend in well with the environment. Other times you don't have options and it becomes frustrating. You die a lot in this game. Which breaks immersion.

I felt like the criticism from Thomas, on one of his blog posts (link when I find it) was kind of unfair. He said something to the effect that the Alien is too visible most of the time or that the player is overly exposed. But the game has to carry itself on good A.I. Just about everyone knows what a xenomorph looks like. There isn't a point in hiding the alien or surrounding it in an air of mystery.

I also feel like a really smart A.I can be too smart. Running away from the alien into a room that does not have exits and hiding in a locker will get you discovered. Sometimes you're enjoying the challenge and other times you just want to get to the end of the level.
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