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Amnesia Disables Color Calibration
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Solved: 8 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks ago Amnesia Disables Color Calibration

As you can see

.png   amnesia.png (Size: 101.08 KB / Downloads: 132)

The monitor I'm using is pretty disgusting. 31.97 avg dE and very blue. I can calibrate it using dispcalgui and a Spyder4Pro and get gray balanced and 2.4 gamma with great results, however when playing the game the color profile is unloaded....returning it to very blue...Sad

edit: I just noticed the last game update is over 3 years ago so I don't expect this to ever be fixed.

edit: Right and Left walls should not be visible, niether should most of the floor and ceiling except under/above the torches, and you should not see the doors. The torches should also be orange not yellow. Most videos on youtube are ridiculously bright.
.jpg   2014-10-28_23-59-04.jpg (Size: 92.94 KB / Downloads: 128)

edit: adding dispcalgui-apply-profiles to the task scheduler fixed the issue and automatically adjusts the game to the correct gamma regardless of in-game setting. epic.
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