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Wii mote and Penumbra
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Wii mote and Penumbra

Yes i have used the search function and found really just nothing special the only 2 scripts don't use the IR bar aka sensor bar.



so some one has already mention the HL2 pat glyn mod wich is exactly what i was/am going to bring up.

the wii mote script only emulates the mouse which emulates lateral movement and up and down is your aim but, it isn't quite the same as as grasping the wii mote as if it were the hammer and swinging it like so to kill the wolf. If there were a mod that scripted the controls for the wii kinda like 3d movement like pat glyn mod that would be cool, it would be even cool if the wii mote was supported in future games but that won't happen due to leagle issues.

but yeah just an idea. the wii mote is fun in bio shock but, it is kinda buggy for me.
06-12-2009, 07:40 AM

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