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Sharing own stories
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Sharing own stories

So, I almost finished my first custom story, The World of Beyond. I have been working on this story 2 months. I created a lot of maps, everytime trying to do one story. But i dropped my projects everytime when a new idea came, and always leaved my started projects. Now since one week, I have combined all maps I created and removed useless elements. I want to thank people that helped me always when I got problem, firstly to Flawless, Romulator, Mudbill and also Badcat and DnAlange,7Dubz and others, thank you guys Smile

I have to say that my story doesn't have a voices, flashbacks as in original Amnesia but I think, this story will worth your approval. It's not so short as most of all custom stories it's also has a good gameplay.

But I need your help again, where I can share my story when it will be done?

I want to show you some story screenshots to see if it will look good for you :

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_029.jpg]

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_042.jpg]

It's just a screenshots,and some of images I couldn't post , not allowed so many images = /

I hope you will approve this, and I hope that in one week the story will be completely done. Angel

Have a nice time )

There is another screenshots:

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_008.jpg]

[Image: Screen_Screenshot_018.jpg]

Egypt CS
[Image: 27003.png]
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