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An idea for a game
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RE: An idea for a game

I red the first sentence, and have to say that an army of monsters never is a good idea.
Because an army of monsters is a typical computer game clichee and it is not seriously for a good game story. Monsters (if the game has some) should not be in an army. They should be so rare as possible. Because only when a monster is alone, it would be scary. Otherwise not.
An army of humans is OK, but a monster should just be alone to be efficient.
And it also shouldn't be a classical "monster", it should be something unknown or human-like. Or, of course a realistic style like something of the dinosaurs etc.
08-09-2012, 08:49 PM
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RE: An idea for a game

i actually agree with that, the army of monsters in RPG is as overdone as "russian agressors" in modern shooters, i mean, army of monsters has been with us since the days of Pencil and paper dungeons and dragons. it needs either a rest, or a Twist on the reasons for the armies existance beyond the usual "they are not human so they are evil" cliche.

i am a Dungeons and Dragons Gamesmaster for my local group, so i know my way round a fantasy story.

i mean "trolls are attacking because they hate humans" is not only lazy writing, its very dull and is overused.

now, have, say, the trolls have been manipulated into attacking the city of Emmerak by the Dwarves of the Stomarn Mountains, who have created propoganda saying the Humans of Emmerak have been killing trolls for the minerals in there blood wich can run the human machinery better than oil, despite the fact its really been the Dwarves who have been killing the Trolls for the machinery in there Diamond Mines, because the Dwarves are greedy and money driven, and they want the cities gold, promised them by the cities Patrician, who wants his own city destroyed as its become a crime riddled dystopia and he wants a "fresh start" and know that they cannot defeat the human city quard themselves so need the strength and anger of the trolls to destroy the city, unaware there is no gold in the city, they have been set up themselves by the cities leader, who is really a vampire out to cause chaos so he can garner the "life essence" needed to defile the temple of "Raimak the Boatman", so he can raise an army of the undead to conquer the Dragon gods of Armeggon, who cursed him, a human hybrid born of an encounter between a dragon god named Alemis in Human form and "Elena" a human female, to eternity as a vampire for the "crime" of being half human.

it would be something Unique, and gives a reason as to WHY the army of monsters are attacking, not just "they are trolls so they are evil" as is the way with lazy cliches, and would make the game more interesting to play as you unravel the conspiracy, and allows you to decide, personally, who the real enemies are, Lord Armus for the conspiracy? the dwarves for setting up the trolls for there own greedy ends, or the Dragon God Sumarak for cursing lord Armus in the first place. and your choice determines the final battle and the outcome of the story and the fate of the Realm of Armeggon.
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