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In need of a co-creator
Southlaguna Offline

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In need of a co-creator


So ive just started up on a new FC story called Dark Sun. The game is going to feature what I hope to be a unique feel to amnesia like never seen before. In this mod you will play as the dark spirit Enoch who is on a path to become recycled into the darkness that shrouds the universe, but to do so he must first fix a problem he created long ago.
I have ore details on how i want to steer the game and the featurs within but it is far to early to discuss them.

This will be my second amnesia mod, (First FC) and im hoping to find another member to help me tackle such a big project and provide some of there own creative tastes to the story and environment.

Send me a PM if you'd be willing to work with me on level editing, scripting, and potentially modelling and voice acting (last two not required).


08-18-2015, 07:47 PM

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