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A game I think Frictional would do immense justice to
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A game I think Frictional would do immense justice to

The 7th Guest. If you're 23 or younger, and/or didn't buy own a PC around the explosion of the CD-ROM, you probably have never played it.

At it's core, the 7th Guest was basically just a puzzle game. And the puzzles had nothing to do with the game itself. However, at the time, the 3D animated graphics, creepy atmosphere, and FMV integrated gameplay made this game a killer app and actually drove sales for the then $300 CD-ROM drives.

The gameplay of Penumbra contained and exectued everything I think makes a horror both fun and scary. I've been dreaming for years that a developer or publisher would re-imagine the 7th Guest by today's standards in much the same way Penumbra plays. Story and environment based puzzles, scary atmosphere, always the chance of death, but little to zero combat.

I think if anyone out there has proven they can make a great horror game it's Frictional. And it's nice to dream that the 7th Guest - a childhood memory I hold onto - will someday be updated and remade in the same vein as Penumbra.
12-05-2009, 09:43 PM

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