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What I thought the Game was Going to be About *SPOILERS*
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What I thought the Game was Going to be About *SPOILERS*

I really thought at the start the game, it was going to be about Simon going through a simulation, and then healing his brain injury by his actions throughout the game. Sort of like he is in an Inception type of world.

The little lighted WAU pods he sticks his hands in throughout the game, look like brain synapses, so I thought as he cleared each one, he was literally healing his brain, as they were metaphors for the physical tissue damage inside his actual body.

In training yourself for lucid dreaming for example, you are bridging the communications pathways between the parts of your brain that are producing the dreams, and the conscious side, which during the day is able to make decisions. (Obviously oversimplifying the explanation).

So I thought it might be sort of the same idea, where he is re-routing parts of his brain in order to re-activate the damaged parts. And that the station glue was a metaphor for the nosebleeds, that just kept getting worse.

There's a recent study from UCLA and Garvan Institute of Medical Research that talks about this.

Really enjoyed the whole Buddhist (often remarketed in the West as Law of Attraction) theme in the game, the question of Continuity was at the core of the second half, bummer that it wasn't possible after the upload.

In any case, SOMA gets a 10/10 easy.
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RE: What I thought the Game was Going to be About *SPOILERS*

I thought the same thing. Right up until I was back to the game menu at the end, I kept thinking "if he suddenly wakes up and david says 'you are healed', I won't be surprised".

It seemed to really fit the initial story, the scan was made of Simon 1 to brute force test many different scenarios on his simulated brain to find a good course of treatment. Believing he had saved the remains of the human race could be a good way to overcome the guilt of Ashley's death.
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