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My Final Thoughts on SOMA
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My Final Thoughts on SOMA

I have completed SOMA not just five minutes ago, and I must say, Frictional Games, never has a game moved me to the point of tears. I was practically balling my eyes out.

I won't say this was terrifying, perhaps not in a way that Penumbra and Amnesia are scary, but this felt like the Silent Hill 2 of your work. It terrifies from within, by making you think, about the little unsettling questions of life. In that aspect, I was greatly horrified.

Whatever cons I have with this game are minimal: a few performance issues, I had some trouble distinguishing certain character voices from each other (but I'm honestly not really counting that against anything), I took some seemingly random and unexpected damage in one section.

But my word, FG, this was remarkable. Thank you. Thank you for challenging me, giving me an internal horror experience, something that truly forced me to think.

I love you guys.

10-23-2015, 10:26 AM

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