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[PoC] Airlocks
Abion47 Offline
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[PoC] Airlocks

Ever have that combination of wanting to do things and not being able to sleep? That's essentially what I've been having tonight. So I thought I might throw together a proof of concept map exploring the mystery that is airlocks. (Incidentally, it turned out to be a neat learning experience in how to make underwater maps as well.)

[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]

This is a map that pretty much does what you would expect it to. It's a single small room that looks like a typical airlock. Flip the switch to drain the water out of the room, and flip it again to fill 'er back up.

Both actions are each powered by what is called a Sequence. Basically, Sequences are code objects that allow time-based strings of events. (i.e. Do something, wait x seconds, do another thing, repeat until done.)

I've put the map on Steam Workshop, in case anyone else was curious in how they worked. EDIT: This and my other PoC mods are now available on MoDDB as well.

(And yes, PoC stands for "proof of concept", in case you were wondering.)
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10-25-2015, 12:19 PM
Romulator Offline
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RE: [PoC] Airlocks

Great! I could use this, since I was looking at how the game handles this stuff in the helper files. Go get some rest now, you deserve it Smile

Discord: Romulator#0001
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10-25-2015, 12:57 PM
Kanthos Offline
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RE: [PoC] Airlocks

A hint from my side: in the tau_outside.hps is a callbackfunction called CollideLiquidAirlock. If you make a entry in a liquid area under cameracollider, it makes things when the sinking water in the airlock "hits" the player camera. Super usefull Smile

10-26-2015, 10:47 PM

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