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Things you may not have noticed (spoilers ahoy!)
cantremember Offline
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RE: Things you may not have noticed (spoilers ahoy!)

One I recently noticed... if you pull the switch that tortures Carl Semken, and then pull it back.. you can get some more dialog out of him.

He will ask to summon a doctor, Simon will suggest a mechanic would make more sense, and Carl will get mad and call you delusional.

If you electrocute him for too long he won't respond.

And a trick to shut him down entirely without having to deal with the construct: Pull the lever to torture him, then open the panel to the comm. center. Now you can still go and turn the other switch to turn off Carl entirely, and the comm. center is already open so you can run up there the construct won't have time to get you.. I think that's the best of both worlds: no indefinitely hurting Carl and no dealing with the construct.Angel

Also in Delta, if you kill the UH helper for his chip, the K8 robot won't follow you around anymore.. he also won't rescue you anymore if you jump off into the abyss.
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11-28-2017, 10:38 AM
Aneryr Offline
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RE: Things you may not have noticed (spoilers ahoy!)

that's amusing, I didn't notice most of the things mentioned above! thank you or these posts, you opened my eyes! you are very attentive users!
12-13-2017, 12:44 PM
officialjab Offline
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RE: Things you may not have noticed (spoilers ahoy!)

Dragging up an old thread from the depths for something that I found. Hopefully this isn't common knowledge as I just finished my first playthrough and am new to the community. Quick story to set up.

I accidentally went on an adventure in the abyss after the robot with the light was destroyed. I crouched near the glow sticks for a bit but never saw the third one around the corner leading to the cave. Instead while looking around I saw three unmoving red dots in the distance, different from all the particles blinking and moving on screen. I figured it was the destination and ran for it, through the dark, alone.

Somehow I didn't get killed and made it... back to the robot launch station. Whoops. From here I muddled around a while, unable of course to recall the robot or to get anywhere. After lots of messing around I figured I'd try to make the trip back the way I went - it didn't work and after being knocked out I was back at the same station. Now it was very dark, all power off but a few small lights.

The fun secret though, at least it seems that way based on what it took to get me here, is that the huge monster was swimming around in wide varying circles (the way it does while heading to Phi) but dragging the lit up robot! You can't grab or interact with the bot, it can't be recalled and the monster pays you no mind. However, he does keep making the robot collide and get stuck in objects like the buildings but it always dislodges and zooms back to the monster's clutches.

For a while I thought the monster would lead me to Tau, so I stayed under him as the circles led away from the station, keeping in the robot's light as much as I could. I didn't look up what I was meant to do until after trying this. How embarassing!
09-05-2019, 02:23 AM

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